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P&G Distribution Center


Liberty Property Trust


Shippensburg, PA


Advantage Engineers provided geotechnical engineering and construction observation services to Liberty Property Trust during the construction phase of a new Procter & Gamble warehouse in Shippensburg, PA. From May 2013 to June 2014, Advantage personnel were engaged in full-time, on-site engineering review, field observation and testing, and laboratory materials testing for this project. The warehouse will measure approximately 1.7 million square feet in plan area and is comprised of steel framing with concrete tilt-up panel exterior walls.

Advantage tested the compaction of structural fill required to raise site grades and backfill materials related to foundations, utilities, pavement subgrades, and other relevant areas. Specific tasks included the following:

  • Visual observation and laboratory testing of fill materials
  • Observation and documentation of the compaction procedure
  • Performance of in-place density tests using a nuclear, moisture-density gauge 

Advantage conducted field testing and review of all cast-in-place concrete to ensure compliance with current ASTM and ACI standards. This service includes:

  • Documentation of temperature, slump, and entrained air
  • Preparation of compressive strength test cylinders
  • Review of all formwork and reinforcement for conformance with specifications 
  • Concrete compressive strength testing and analysis
  • Observation and documentation for the placement of concrete
  • Testing of the Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL)

Advantage provided an ICC & AWS certified professional to observe and document all phases of the structural steel construction, including:

  • Field observation of the steel erection 
  • Review of the bolted connections and documentation of the tightening procedures
  • Observation of the installation of metal decking
  • Review and documentation of shear stud installation and field welds

Advantage provided review and testing of all asphalt and roller compacted concrete pavement construction, including:

  • Verification of all subgrade soils for stability and compaction
  • Documentation of each load of asphalt or concrete 
  • Compaction procedure observation and documentation
  • Performance of in-place density tests
  • Laboratory proctor analysis of RCC