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National Delivery Corp. Hub


BL Companies


Allentown, PA


Advantage Engineers is providing geotechnical engineering services for the construction of a new leading national delivery corporation hub  building. The proposed building will measure approximately 900,000 square feet in plan area. Development of the project site will include constructing a “Gateway Building”, “Wash Building”, “Vehicle Maintenance Garage”, “Salt Storage Building”, fuel island canopy and underground storage tanks (USTs), parking areas, drive lanes, and stormwater management facilities. The proposed stormwater facilities will encompass approximately 14 acres.

Advantage will evaluate the soil and bedrock conditions across the project site in order to provide the following:

  • Final foundation design criteria
  • Site development recommendations
  • Assess and minimize the impact of sinkhole development on the project

This objective will be accomplished through completion of 2 separate stand-alone reports, including a Stormwater Infiltration Feasibility Report and Geotechnical Engineering Report. The proposed scope of work will include the completion of 69 test borings, 168 test pits/infiltration tests and 725 rock probes.